Your shellfish gathering website gets a facelift!

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New design, new logo, new features and a simplified editorial content! As the equinox tides approach, gets a new look and becomes more readable. This new version is the result of a project jointly conducted by the Brittany Health Agency, Ifremer and the Loire-Bretagne Water Agency.

The project also aims to prevent health risks and is closely linked to the objectives of the third regional health-environment plan of Brittany (PRSE 3). Shellfish gathering is indeed very popular on the Breton coast, but is not without risk: when they come from unsanitary or temporarily contaminated areas, shellfish can be dangerous to health. For a responsible practice, it is essential to become well informed before going shellfish gathering.


(The) New features of the website

The interactive map has been completely updated in its functions and graphical interface. By selecting one of the 100 shellfish gathering sites in Brittany, users directly access to all the information: results of sanitary monitoring, real-time knowledge of shellfish gathering bans (permanent or temporary) but also the tidal coefficients and the weather.

Other features :

  • The editorial content has been revised to make it more readable to the public, strengthen health communication on good shellfish gathering practices and complete the documentation available on the site.
  • The adding of a subscription option to the site news and health alerts, on one or more departments.
  • The adaptation of the site to smartphones and tablets.
  • The translation of the site into English.


A site to inform and prevent health risks

Every year, food poisoning connected with eating shellfish are reported to the health authorities. Such poisoning are often benign, however they can sometimes be more serious, and require hospitalization. They also mobilize the action of the public authorities who carry out the compulsory medical and environmental investigations.

The Brittany Health Agency therefore encourages the 500 000 shellfish gatherers to regularly visit this website and adopt good habits.