Grandes marées
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From Sunday 27 to Wednesday 30 of October takes place the last tide with the most important tidal coefficients.

Therefore, the Health Agency of Brittany renews its health recommendations because shellfish gathering in unsanitary or…

Sanitary control reports for shellfish gathering
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The Brittany Health Agency and Ifremer publish the 2019 edition of sanitary control reports of shellfish gathering sites in Côtes d'Armor, Ille-et-Vilaine and Morbihan. These reports review the sanitary quality of beds monitored in these three departments over the period 2016-…

marées d'équinoxe de septembre
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From Saturday 28 September to Monday 1 of October takes place the second equinox tide of the year, where tidal coefficients are the most important of the year.

Shellfish gatherers are particularly waiting for the equinox tides as the sea withdraws…

Image de la campagne sur la pêche à pied
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New design, new logo, new features and a simplified editorial content! As the equinox tides approach, gets a new look and becomes more readable…